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The Dreaded Mammogram Call-back

The Dreaded Mammogram Call-back: Learning to trust God, no matter what. Continue reading

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A Dream

In my dream I was at a writers’ conference (probably Oregon Christian Writers). I walked into a class and sat down, only to suddenly remember that we had an assignment due. “Write down your favorite Bible verse and tell why … Continue reading

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When Fog Rolls In

When life takes us through a fog bank, it can seem like the whole world is gray and gloomy. But what will we find if we keep moving on? Continue reading

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Worse than Having Cancer

As bad as it can be having cancer, recently I have come to believe there is something worse, something harder to bear. And yet even there, hope remains. Continue reading

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Today is Easter, my favorite day of the year. Easter, or more precisely, the Resurrection, is the event that gives me hope, the center of a faith I could not live without. It’s kind of like reading a really good … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in our Lives

As the earthquake hit Japan, so our lives may be unexpectedly shaken by disaster. How will we deal with it? Continue reading

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Last Leaves

The last few leaves cling to winter trees, and I am reminded of a story I once read, and of hope that clings to God even when life is dark. Continue reading

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