September 27, 2010 is a day that will live in infamy–in my life, at least. On that day I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. Invasive lobular carcinoma is the name of the beast I fight. Not a fight I would have chosen, but the one I have been given. I am not a courageous person. Kiddie rollercoasters are too fast for me, and I get scared looking down from high places. But I have a God who can sustain me, and this blog will be a journal of my spiritual journey through cancer. While I may talk about treatment and the physical effects, the focus will be on the spiritual. I will try to be as honest as I can; I know there is bound to be plenty of rain, but I am also trusting that the sun will shine through the clouds and bring the brightness of an occasional rainbow.

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  1. Diane Smith says:

    Hi, Susan: I think of you often and pray for you daily. I hadn’t read a recent post since the 11th and wondered how everything is going for you.
    There is so much to be grateful for as you have mentioned on multiple occasions and it’s reminded me of that very thing when there have been challenges and trials all around. I just turn 60 yrs. old this past week and it’s definetely been a time of reflection as all latter birthdays have been. 60, though, it’s been a real milestone for me. No matter how much I would like to say I’m middle age, I’m clearly not unless I live till I’m 120. I don’t think I’d like that much since my body and mind are already in the crux of change and deterioration. I’m not whining, only observing a fact. Then I look at the road block you’ve been given and know that yes I am whining about some very insignificant inconveniences. You’re my hero…a real example of faith and courage and my hat goes off to you, my friend.

    • susanmaas says:

      Hi, Diane! Thanks so much for your prayers! I apologize for not writing recently. I finished radiation January 14 and meant to post something then. But I got busy and then had a business trip the next week… so I am WAY behind! But I do plan to post today. I have plenty of things written, as I wrote every day on the way to radiation. It’s just getting it typed up, finding appropriate photos, and posting that I don’t get around to. Sorry!

      I also turn 60 this year, although not until June. I keep telling myself it’s just a number, but yes, we are all getting older. Still, I think middle age has a wide age range, don’t you?? 😉

      I don’t feel like a hero. I’ve been a coward most of my life, but never had to face anything too scary. I always wondered if God would be close to me when bad times came. Much to my delight, He has been closer than at any other time in my life. So any courage and faith come from God, not me. God’s presence has wiped away fear and given joy. I feel so blessed!

  2. Irene Cortez says:

    God bless you on your life’s journey, Susan. 🙂


  3. ANN L. says:

    Goodmorning Susan – I jumped ahead while reading Pathways to God and read May 14. I could say ditto to your whole page. I pray that your and my closeness to God will not fade but increase during 2012. I am currently at a church camp in Florida where it is easy to be close to God. The real test comes when we get back into the world. God Bless You as you continue to write. I will be following you. Thanks – Ann

    • susanmaas says:

      Dear Ann, Thank you so much for your comments. I didn’t even know the edition with May 14 was available yet. That closeness has faded some; I think it is hard to sustain it during the busyness of everyday life. However, I have the strong memory of that time during cancer treatment, always reminding me that it IS possible to feel God’s presence all around me, reminding me that God is there, even when I let go of His hand. And I trust that He will again sustain me when other trials come. (And if there’s one thing we can count on in this life, it’s that trials will come.)

      I’m afraid I haven’t been writing much in this blog lately, but feel free to drop by my other blog as well: http://sparrowthoughts.wordpress.com. And I will try to add to this one as time allows. Thanks again for your comments!

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