Looking Perfect

I visited my surgeon Monday–Valentine’s Day–for a recheck of the surgery site and such. I will have lots of similar visits in upcoming months. Next month is the radiation oncologist. The month after that is the regular oncologist. In six months, I see the surgeon again. Checks and rechecks–cancer is truly a gift that keeps on giving! But I am glad they are keeping a close eye on me; it does provide a certain amount of security.

Anyway, the surgeon did his examination and asked me about my trip to Texas. (I was shocked he remembered, although that trip was part of the reason he had to get a rush MRI ordered for me, so I could get surgery and radiation finished in time for the trip. That all seems SO long ago now.) Then, as the surgeon was about to leave the room, he turned to me and said, “Everything looks perfect.”

Perfect? I don’t know that I’ve ever been perfect before, or even been called perfect. (Well, maybe by my loving husband, but he’s a bit biased.) I’ll have to be careful that it doesn’t go to my head–I’d hate to mar my amazing humility. Perfect? When it comes to an absence of cancer and healing of my body, perfect has a wonderful ring to it. So, everyone, let it be known that for at least one second on February 14th, 2011, I was perfect!

And now back to your regularly scheduled world of imperfections…

About susanmaas

I grew up in the green state of Oregon, coming to love the birds, flowers, and other wild things of the woods. Our family homeschooled for sixteen years, spending wonderful vacations at the beach or camping in the western United States and British Columbia. For most of my adult life, I have been a part-time writer, creating personal experience stories, homeschooling articles, devotionals, Sunday school curriculum, and children's stories and books. I enjoy looking for signs of the eternal in nature and the small, everything events in our lives.
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2 Responses to Looking Perfect

  1. Diane Smith says:

    Hi, Susan: You have such a wonderful sense of humor. I think that has a great impact with your healing; not just physically, but with the emotional toll of dealing with the cancer. It’s got to have helped you in overcoming the fear, the stress and constant worry that you’ve had to face these past several months. I don’t think anyone can truly understand until they’ve walked in your shoes. I admire your moxy, your strength and your example. God Bless you!

  2. susanmaas says:

    Thanks, Diane! Humor definitely helps me deal with life. But I’m really not strong; I just have a strong God who carries me! (and who has taken away most of that worry and fear, so much so that I’m almost embarrassed when someone talks about how much I must have gone through. It really hasn’t been that bad–thanks to that peace that passes understanding. I just feel blessed!)

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